Friday, June 17, 2011

Same old same old

I know. I missed a few things.

Mostly the launch of the Blizzard, what that meant for football blogging and whether it heralded a new page in football journalism, which I hope to talk about in the coming days.

As I hope you've been aware, I've been writing daily posts for The Score's Footy Blog, which has been an incredibly useful discipline. Now that I have a bit more time during the day, I'll be submitting regular posts here for the next while. I may decide to "monetize" (oh no!) the blog, and I will be cranking up the output, not just for this site, but returning to regular posts on Canadian Soccer News, and contributing to Run of Play.

The focus here is still on football media, but I want to use the time to highlight interesting posts on other blogs, try to keep ahead of trends in football writing.

I hope to expand and do some more freelancing as well. In a few days, I'll be rolling out my own bio site. Outside of that, little will change. You'll get the same disjoined mish-mash as always.

Speaking of, please have a listen to the CBC Soccernation podcast. Pedro Mendes is a great producer, and has already got some great voices on the show (me notwithstanding). He's looking to keep this going and expand it, and it's a very short but provocative listen, so I recommend it.

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