Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fabregas to Barca is a singularity

I have this vision of reporters sitting around sports desks in the UK, drawing straws for who has to go cover the Febregas to Barcelona story. Sympathetic colleagues offer the unlucky reporter promises of after-work pints, and the editor reminds everyone there that if you get this beat for one day, you won't have to cover it again for at least a month.

Although all transfer stories are horrible, some come with at least a little give. Sunderland's (possibly) 13 million pound bid for Connor Wickham at least has the "overpriced English players" thing going for it. But the Fabregas story is a journalistic black hole. All of the implications for Barcelona and Arsenal were explored ad nauseam last season when this same deal aired out for months in the British press. We know the story. All that's left is an amount, and an ETD.

And yet reporters have to cover it, it will get top billing in every sports section and website, and will receive the most hits from salivating morons (yes, morons). So for all you journo-wannabe soccer writers, just be aware your job will entail lots and lots shit-shovelling like this.

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Anonymous said...

As long as they don't try to make a story out of how it's not an interesting story!