Thursday, September 9, 2010

Running out of football niches

Very interesting interview with Michael Cox (he of the wildly excellent Zonal Marking fame) about how he came to write about football tactics. Early in the interview, Cox raises an interesting point: create a successful blog/site, there has to be a niche, a particular area of interest. [Football tactics] seemed like a bit of a gap in the market. My favourite blogs are the ones that focus on specific areas: Les Rosbifs about English players abroad, or European Football Weekends about away trips. You know there’s going to be a constant theme, you know they’re the definitive source on that area, you know it’s going to be well-researched and display good knowledge. There should be more sites like that – down to really specific things. I love tactics, but if ZM already existed, I would have done it about something else; another niche area.
I've always flirted with the idea of finding the perfect niche in football writing—home fan stands, interviews with groundskeepers from around the world, football media coverage in North America. I even once thought of transforming this into an all CSL blog, and having that be my "beat." The problem is my interest in the footballing universe as a whole is too big. I think the struggle is making yourself the niche. For example, Run of Play writes about pretty much everything under the sun, but his is certainly a unique form in the football blogging sphere.

Meanwhile, AMSL has always been a bit deformed in that regard. I'm not sure I could have it any other way really.


Anonymous said...

Thought that might link to that interview!

I guess the caveat to my point should be - if you're a good writer, you can make it work by writing about anything! RunOfPlay certainly demonstrates that...I bet there aren't too many RunOfPlays about, though.


Dave's Football Blog said...

The problem is my interest in the footballing universe as a whole is too big.

Tell me about it. ;^)

Cruel Geography said...

You weren't joking about going with more posts in september, i need to start coming back here regularly.

As for football blogs, i recently started my own. My niche? I'm just going to avoid all the big popular stuff that people care about.

TFC, Canada, and then here or there some random english lower league stuff. Cos there's bound to be massive amounts of people who like that particular combo right? how about if i throw in a (yet to be started) monthly recap of Darlington's 1990/91 season? Interested yet.

Les Rosbifs said...

Should you wish to write an article on Englishmen in the CSL (past and/or present), I would be all ears. Have an interview with Tom Beattie lined up.