Friday, September 24, 2010

The loneliness of the long distance football blogger

Yes, things have changed around here. After years of hemming and hawing over whether to switch to Wordpress, years of poring over HTML code and trying to convince myself I knew what was going on, I took the coward's way out this morning and reverted to screwing around for half an hour with the new blogger templates.

Why now?

Well, yesterday an old chum—RedRanter—finally hung up his keyboard, joining the rank of soccer writers whose lives were finally just too much of an obstruction to tippy-tappying about the football (practically) for free. That got me thinking about other talented bloggers who simply stopped (Antonio Gramsci is their patron saint in my eyes). It's a hard thing writing about a sport that doesn't seem to change much, the same play over and over again but with a rotating cast. This season has yet to really offer much in the way of significant variation (although that Hercules win was something special).

Anyway, I'm coming up this December on three years here. I don't know if I've really meaningfully contributed to the debate, and sometimes I feel like a NAFF poseur struggling to wrench something meaningful out of something that might not have much more meaning to give. The shelf life of many blogs of this sort seems about three years, before monotony sets in or inspiration leaves completely.

So in order to keep things fresh, I'm going to go for a different tack: long form. Not magazine long form, as I don't have the resources or a live in features editor. No, just...long. As Zach Dundas pointed out on Twitter the other day, bloggers have a propensity to post frequently simply to signal to the world they're still alive. I don't want to do that anymore, even though I tried that tack as recently as a couple of weeks ago. Unless I'm paid a living wage to do it, that won't fly. AMSL will now be a slow blog (although I do promise a minimum of one post per week). When I do write, it will hopefully be meaningful, on something in particular that struck a chord or more likely made me really angry. And I'm not going to chug through and do the one post-per sitting anymore. Typos and grammatical errors, while cool in certain circles, are something I should really be avoiding.

Anyway, drop me a line if you like, tell me what you like and don't like about the new design, or my writing, or me as a person. See you soon.


Peter C said...

Whatever form you choose, I'll be reading. Have often linked to your work as it's never part of the soccersphere 'churn'.

Brian said...

Ditto from me, too. I like the new look!

Richard Whittall said...

Thanks both! The background image looks wacky on an iPhone, but that's blogger for you. Meanwhile, my HTML, XHTML & CSS for Dummies book sits on my desk, mocking me.

Fredorrarci said...

Ah, you've joined the slow crowd (albeit, at the breakneck rate of one post a week, as a junior member). The new look is -- as it were, so to speak, if I may -- splendid.

hedi said...

That's what I have been through in Indonesia. Not much soccer blogs in my country. Then I have a conclusion that soccer and blog are two different things.

People love to watch soccer and maybe analyze the game as well. But, writing it into blog is another thing. So people should have two interests at the same time; soccer and writing.

By the way, I like the new template. Fresh :)

henya said...

Keep up the good work, pal! :)

powerstrider said...

Great job guys.