Friday, September 10, 2010

La Liga Pick of the Weekend

Oh, what's that Sid Lowe? Still munching on your paella while I already have my La Liga pick of the weekend up and ready to go? Sorry to hear that, maybe there's some sort of dissertation on Franco that needs being read. But I digress.

So, while there are a few choice tidbits to be had tomorrow, I'm going to go with Barcelona vs. Hercules. Why? Well, there will almost certainly be goals. Hercules is not even deserving of a categorial link over at Grauniad Towers (see above), which is a good sign Barcelona has the power to put at least at three past them. Even though, brilliantly, the Herculeans feature the talents of both Royson Drenthe and David Trezeguet, part of what ESPN's Eduardo Alvarez calls "the most bizarre squad in the history of Spanish football."

Regardless of the marquee names, there's also the lovable underdog factor at work there as well. And the demoralizing loss against Spain, for which Barca's Rolls Royce Jet Engine midfield, which apparently could power most of the continental United States through shear awesomeness, must over-compensate tomorrow.

Marca hasn't even bothered with this fixture, already jumping ahead to Atletico's meeting with the Catalonians next Sunday. All the more reason for you to dive in and be the first to tell your friends, "I was there when David Trezeguet scored an unlikely 90th minute winner and started the downfall of the Barca empire."

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Anonymous said...

Barca 0, Hercules 2.
Isn't life wonderful?