Wednesday, September 1, 2010

HuffPo is the future of on-line sports coverage in America

Well, not HuffPo per se, obviously. But they offer the surest vision of a CPM/CPC-driven New Media future (in caps, natch!). Let's peruse the so-called Huffington Post "Sports" page and tease out the two soccer-related headlines to get a sense of this rosy future where journalists get half of what they used to get to write stories one third of the length but at a minimum of 15 times a week.

WATCH: Women's Soccer Players Fight (Fake Sigi bait if there ever was any).

And quite a bit further down,

Cops: We Busted Soccer Coach While Drunk (This one refers to the Wizards' Peter Vermes' DUI. No I'm not going to provide links.)

First, let's mention the obvious: the Huffington Post is a ridiculous website. While its US legislative coverage is thorough and they're adept at hoovering up readable ex-Washington Post writers, this is the place for loud headlines about drunk starlets and videos of dogs wrestling with giraffes giant, accompanied by all-caps, hortative calls to WATCH.

But under the current model of web advertising-driven on-line revenue, this is all the mainstream public is going to know about American soccer: cheap titillation and scandal. And before you start pointing to quality on-line soccer journalism elsewhere on the web, keep in mind all the big boys are losing piles of money a day (like the Guardian), or are driven by independent interests without the resources to get the really cool stories.

Sorry but this sucks. And apologies again for my inability to stay away from this topic.

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Fake Sigi said...

This is my favorite memory of the HP:

Also, Anita at Feminist Frequency just had a great video post about HP's linkbait strategy.