Monday, September 13, 2010

Hercules 2 Barca 0 - A club allegiance is born

Sid has gone the extremely poetic route this morning, opening with a paean to Nelson Valdez, a man who apparently buys 1500 Christmas presents for kids in his town in Paraguay, and who also managed to put two past Barcelona on Saturday (Trezeguet should have added a third toward the end but didn't). He also manages to quote interesting statistics and little-known tidbits, like Hercules' club owner Enrique Ortiz, locked in match fixing speculation from last season. Not only that, but Mr. La Liga bothers including the accented e in Hercules, which my disdain for quick keys and the character palate simply prevents me from doing. Dr. Lowe is one thorough sonofabitch, and the odds seem to grow against my surpassing him by the week. But, perhaps like Hercules, one of these days I will manage to nick two past him, with some sort of brilliant tactical analysis of an Osasuna match, and I can imagine his face like Pep Guardiola's at the end of Saturday's match.

Anyway, duh, I'm Hercules till I die, or at least until they get relegated from La Liga. A team featuring a Paraguayan Santa Claus paired up with the guy who scored against Italy in 2000? It's a no brainer. In the meantime, I will maintaining a candle light vigil for the restoration of this site so I can buy my Hercules shirt with no sponsor. You see, they're more than a club you know (or the repository of every Greek myth/footballing pun known to mankind). UNICEF SCHMUNICEF.

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Josef said...

Dude: you said previously Lowe was writing like a 10 year old, and then you write "Anyway, duh, I'm Hercules till I die, or at least until they get relegated from La Liga."

For your inclusion of "duh" I am forced to break out an old cliche: pot, meet kettle.