Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CONCACAF is bent, not broken

And I'd better get this in too while the rage is still hot: I want to also go on the record and say CONCACAF has no real impetus to provide a competition that MLS fans will take seriously. Referee reform is a tricky thing as it is, and you need real proof of bent refs of the like we saw yesterday during Toronto FC vs. Arabe Unido's CCL farce. As long as a clown like Jack Warner has an position of enormous power, and as long as incompetents at FIFA are happy with this arrangement, and as long as Garber is happy to have his league participate even amid a bunch of bullshit games, nothing will change. That's not fatalism, that's just years of listening to "we're not going to take you seriously, CONCACAF" threats after every bent official successfully bends a game.

And look, it cuts both ways. CONCACAF has always been a little bent, in WCQs and in Gold Cups. But sometimes nations that CONCACAF tends to bend away from manage to qualify out of bent set-ups (USA, and yes, Canada once) and, as Canada proved in 2000, win trophies in bent regional international cup competitions. That's why it's much harder to unbend something that is bent, than fix something that is broken, if you get me. So, no change on the horizon, as far as I can see, unless someone does some detective work in sunny Central America. Might make for a cool book someday.


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Emigre said...

CONCACAF Champions League is a JOKE. I can't believe I wasted my money on CCL tickets. Never again!