Monday, August 30, 2010

Barcelona eats the world, Mourinho looks on

Reading arch-rival Sid Lowe's column today, and already I'm aware this is going to be an uphill climb. You see, El Sid not only wrote an almost indecipherable name-drop-y main article about Zlatan and his agent (do we really need to write about their agents now?), but he also included a few bullet-pointed extras at the bottom about the other goings on of opening weekend. The one advantage is that he writes like he looks: a very excited ten year-old who still collects Panini stickers during the World Cup (eg. "Deportivo in 0-0 draw shock. Bet you never saw that one coming, did you? Eh? Oh.")

Not that I did much better this weekend. My La Liga debut was ruined when I found out that Gol TV was not on the list of available cable stations at a friend's place in the country, so after all that hype I was reduced to watching grainy highlights, which disappointingly resembled the La Liga highlights of the last couple of seasons, that is, Barcelona win by a three goal (or higher) margin while Real Madrid endures a disappointing draw.

So be it.  I'm already drawn to Hercules because of the name and because they've been out of it so long. They lost to Bilbao, which is a team I've never liked so my sympathy card has been played early. And we already have two nil nils and a pair of one nils, so we already know this is a sophistimicated league for all them coffee and grappa drinkers. I might even start talking about formations, but I will probably need a lot more than grappa in my coffee before that can happen.

The main thing is my hatred for Barca grows ever stronger as David Villa joins the crew. They're looking more like an X-Box team, the result of your little cousin coming over and tweaking the player options while saving it on your memory card. The dramatic arc is clearly whether and how they can be stopped.


Anonymous said...

boo hoo. i'm playing the worlds smallest violin for you.

Permanent4 said...

And Real Madrid ISN'T an Xbox team?

Anonymous said...

Ironically Sid Lowe is a known madridista (Well known for those who actually have an idea or two what happens in the liga). Yea he does an effort to sound objective when he writes but you need to follow his TV "REAL MADRID" shows.

But I guess its easy to get deluded when you watch the action thousands of miles away from where it is actually happening.

As for the rest of the text written...doesnt get better as you read.

Anonymous said...

Wow. what a wanker you are. My hatred for Barca is because of this, my hatred for Barca is because of that.

You are a baby. Grow up, you poss.

Richard Whittall said...

Dear Anonymous: considering this post is buried beneath a pile of newer ones, I take it you came by here via Eric Freeman's cracking read on Run of Play. That said, try reading my output, or in fact this post in the spirit that it was written, before spouting off.

I.e. people who actually "hate" football clubs need their head examined. Read me enough and you know I'm not the one you're looking for.