Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not that I Believe in Anything Really

But when you're pretty sure you've witnessed a player who might just be the Diego of your day score four goals in a CL quarterfinal, when you hear one of the funniest on air bust-ups ever heard on radio, live with Stan Collymore, when you come home to find your When Saturday Comes stuffed in the mail box, and when a routine Google search yields the knowledge that a soccer team based in Massachussets in the 1920s bears your not-so-common name, you start to believe you might be in some sort of insane holodeck type contraption run by Matteus Sindelar, who I'm pretty sure is god if there is one.

God, I love this sport. 

BTW, working on something longer, BRB.


Fredorrarci said...

What was the Collymore thing about?

Richard Whittall said...

Stan's co-commentator, Scags or something, interrupted him at half time while he was about to basically say "the problem with Theo Walcott is that he isn't Lionel Messi." Stan lost his shit a little, and there was a real awkward "you don't have to be like that" back and forth for a few minutes. At some point Stan said "I wasn't speaking Swahili, so you'd know I wasn't finished making my point before you interrupted." Awesome.

Fredorrarci said...

He's the gift that keeps giving, that's for sure.

footballgifts said...

Stan is definitely the man when it comes to speaking his mind