Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What "Not Senior Enough" Means in the Premier League

More infuriating news via the Guardian's David Conn.  Apparently in the Premier League, "not senior enough" means having the authority to sell a top-rated (and Canada-shirking) keeper at pathetic price under the nose of one of Portsmouth's executive directors.  And because he's "not senior enough" corrupt Israeli lawyer Daniel Azougy does not have to face any meaningful scrutiny from the league.

If Pompey gets snuffed out, it's not on Ali al-Faraj's head; it's on Richard Scudamore's.  To allow this farce to take place means the Premier League is not doing its job on behalf of supporters, and I hope the Portsmouth Supporters Trust and SOS group remind him of that today. 

Enough is enough.  All the Premier League supporters' trusts should take consider taking collective action against Scudamore following the unregulated mess his tenure has wrought in these past months.


Elliott said...

I understand your outrage, but Portsmouth is not exactly a shining emblem of business that will attract top talent at this point.

Would you work for them? I bet the water boy has to wait months for his paycheck.

Anonymous said...

This is not just about one club it is about how even after Risdale destroyed Leeds the so called FIT AND PROPER PERSONS TEST is just a load of tosh. The guy doing the damage works for Arcadi Gaydamak who is supposedly nothing to do with the club. How can these people take the club to oint of ruin while the Permier league just sits and watches. They withold money which could save the club from going out of existence which while I understand the reasons still should notbe happening.

Anonymous said...

"The guy doing the damage works for Arcadi Gaydamak who is supposedly nothing to do with the club."

This point hasn't been highlighted anywhere near enough.

Azougy, Chainrai and others who have been involved with the club since the takeover of "Al-Faraj" all have very strong links with the Gaydamak family. Azougy worked for Arcadi Gaydamak at Beitar Jerusalem. Chainrai "sued" Arcadi for around £17.5m (from his frozen accounts) and then went and pumped it straight into the club, for seemingly no reason. Now we realise he has the stadium as security. In the midst of all of this, "Al-Faraj" is nowhere to be seen - no-one has seen him, heard from him, no-one can even guarantee his existence.

Is it not obvious what is going on here?

Anonymous said...

Hot of the press. The Pompey coach has run out of fuel on the way to Fulham. dear oh dear never mind up the saints

Anonymous said...

The Premier League have got a lot more to answer for than the Fit and Proper test.

Along with every governing body from FIFA to the FA they have let transfer fees and wages get completely out of hand, to the point where a football club can only survive with a sugar daddy benefactor - who might get fed up or go skint overnight.

Pompey are the first of many - the whole thing is about to collapse like a pack of cards.

Transplant Saint said...

The Premier legaue cannot do anything now. If they do they will just be opening the FA up to massive lawsuits against all clubs who have gone into administration.

I don't remember any Pompey fans moaning when they were in FA Cup Final? Your club overspent. Made bad decisions and have started to fail.

That's what happened to us at Southampton. We bought a stadium. Then we couldn't afford because after a succession of bad managers we got relegated...twice. Pompey are the same but they've overspent on wages and transfer fees.

I do have sympathy with the Pompey fans and really don't want them to go out of business. Just think how much passion this forthcoming derby has stirred.

Its never the fans fault but we're the ones who have to endure it

Anonymous said...

Actually there were many fans who feared the FA Cup may come at too higher price in the long term... I'm just very sad to say I was one of them and I am now being proven right.

Anonymous said...

The cup not only came at a price-it was a hollow achievement. We played well once in the cup run and struggled to beat lower division opponents even in the final.Our only good days with Redcrapp were the season we climbed out of the Championship. I'd rather be back there now.No price would be too much to pay to get rid of hr. It is a pity that Milan persuaded him back.