Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Choose Your Own Pricing, and a Question to the More Knowledgeable

Reading the reader just now, and quite bemused reading in the Sweeper covering Mansfield Town's "choose your own price" promotion to thank the fans for being so yada yada yada.

What would I voluntarily pay to watch Toronto FC?  With Carver in charge, ten bucks.  Cummins, meh, fifteen.  Preki I'd pay full price as a starter, more for curiosity.  That and the new pitch.  Which reminds me: Toronto FC supporters should press future mayoral candidates on their views on BMO Field and the Argos and future support for soccer in Toronto, if they have the chance.

This year I'm going to go to as many CSL games as possible, and I paid ten bucks the last time, which was about right because it was a Serbian White Eagles/Toronto Croatia "derby" match and worth every penny to see Toronto's weird, pseudo-hard underbelly.  Based on quality of play though, I'd kick in a buck a game.

Anyway, I have a question for any reader who would like 1) my respect or 2) blogger who would like a semi-competent guest post: please explain to me in the most explicit terms possible how Soccer United Marketing is "affiliated" with AEG.  Just curious.

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Lanterne Rouge said...

I think the one off nature of Mansfield's experiment will mean that most people will have done the decent thing and have paid a reasonable amount - a tenner perhaps, maybe £15?

If they extended it to all games, there would be the danger of people simply not having enough cash in their pocket and so some would begin to lapse in their willingness to stump up the readies. I think few would trek to an ATM out of guilt should they arrive at Field Mill to discover that they were a few pounds short.

So, Mansfield do need congratulating, especially in view of the fact that they can probably ill afford to do it (in compraison to Radiohead), but will they have the nerve to extend the experiment?