Monday, January 25, 2010

Spare a Thought for Poor, Misunderstood Robinho

Another homesick Brazilian who will "even" (the Guardian's word) waive part of his £160 000 a week salary in order for Man City to let him go.

You see according to Robinho, in other parts of the world players just sort of ask the manager to play every match, regardless of form, to suit their individual ambition to play for another team in an international tournament: "The managers are different here. They decide a system and want you to fit in and it doesn't matter if you're tall or short. The manager was honest with me. He told me I was just going to play every other game. I told him that wouldn't interest me because this is a World Cup year and I need to play." I mean I understand Hughes not kowtowing to the demand, he of ye Olde English system. But Mancini?

The mind "boggles."

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NickDunmore said...

Woah. Hughes had a system? I dimly remember seeing one at Blackburn, thought that was largely