Thursday, January 28, 2010

Never Say Never In Life I Suppose

Is there a reason throwing a glass bottle at an opposing team's football player leads to an "indefinite" ban, and not a "lifetime" ban?

And take time to breathe in this "Only in England" quote from Assistant Chief Constable Ian Hopkins: "The low number of arrests (eleven!) on the night is testament to the excellent work of all those involved. The vast majority of fans behaved very well and I would like to thank them for listening to the messages we have been giving, to help make the evening pass off peacefully."


notoeverything said...

I'm confused. Are you saying that 0.0146% of people being arrested in a highly charged, extremely emotional, confrontational atmosphere is a bad thing and the police should be condemning the awful behavior?
Obviously there was the bottle and coin throwing incident but I don't think that isolated problems like that should lead to the police pissing off a huge number of Manchester citizens.

Richard Whittall said...

Why no life time ban is what I mean, and my comment wasn't directed at Manchester United alone, it was directed at the quaint English absurdity of eleven arrests at a top flight football match indicating everything was "fine."

notoeverything said...

I didn't take it to be directed a Manchester United, I just don't see how eleven arrests in a crowd of 76000 is not that bad. A quick, crude look at US crime statistics and I would reckon the percentage of people arrested daily in the US is about the same, and that's just in day to day life.