Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meanwhile at Pompey

Keep up with all the latest Portsmouth news, ticket information and more at "Website Unavailable." Yeah, it's gotten that bad.

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Lanterne Rouge said...

I naturally feel sorry for the fans of a grand old club but they surely must have known that those gains of 2008 were ill gotten at the time? I wonder if any of those present at Wembley felt an undercurrent of discomfort in the way that many Manchester City fans I have spoken to do now? Harry Redknapp's slippery ability to avoid mention in most of the current negative coverage is also staggering.

Of course capitalist society is founded on debt - it's acceptable to pile it up in the expectation of future earnings, but even at the time, it would have been obvious to even the dimmest of bank managers that Portsmouth would never be able to repay the outlay. One never wants to see a club go out of business but public opinion is beginning to turn now.