Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'll be at the Soccer Show Tomorrow

There's a soccer show/convention going on tomorrow at the Energy Centre and I will be there tomorrow night. Feel free to get in touch if you plan to be there too and wish to say hello. I don't have business cards though. What sort of idiot am I anyway?

Anyway, Pitch Invasion drew my attention to this piece today, and I will move you in that direction as well. It seems that as mainstream populist backlash aligns itself against the football money men, papers that once gushed over free-market, New Labourish Premier League investment are now changing their tune.

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Elliott said...

I was thinking of hitting up the convention, but then I realized that the greatest Canadian of all time would not be there. No, not Patrick Roy, Todd McFarlane!

I guess my first issue of Spawn shall remain unsigned....