Monday, January 18, 2010

Bits and Bobs About Me Me Me

Yeah I get mentioned on the Football Weekly and I didn't even leave a comment this time. But I get mentioned FOR BEING A FUCKING JERK (supposedly, even though I really wasn't at all). Does no one get that I literally dislike nobody on the web? I might if Richard Scudamore had a twitter account or something, and I may take issue with someone' argument about soccer here or there, but other than that. Love you all.

On a side note, my new Canadian soccer history website project is cooking! I've finally picked a template while learning more about cascading style sheets than I'd hoped I'd have to. But now I will literally pwn the web for good after this, even though it's taken me way longer than it ever should have. Hint: it involves David Forsyth, integrally. ETA whenever it gets done.

Plus I'm not going to London I've decided. I may try and write somehow for a living. Or bus tables.

1 comment:

Adrian Russell said...

But who ARE you, Richard? are you here to fix the microphones?

Bit harsh from Ronay, I thought.