Sunday, January 3, 2010

African Cup of Nations, Clean Leeds

Woke up early to do the Sweeper for Pitch Invasion, and tried to give a taste of the newspaper hyperbole setting up today's Man United, Leeds clash. Of course, after all that, Leeds went and won 0-1 at Old Trafford*. I caught portions of the first half and you could tell it was one of those games where something comes out of the pitch, into everyone's feet, one of those beautiful aberrations that explode the stat records.

Yet there is some logic behind today's result; a second-stringish United side, a club already inconsistent this year, faces off against a rampant Leeds at the top of League One and a good bet for promotion at this rate. And it wasn't even Dirty Leeds; you know a United team is well and truly beaten when SAF admits defeat to the press (although the fact Leeds and United won't meet again for some time may explain the lack of mind games).

Anyway, it was also nice to be reminded this morning, trolling through my reader, of the upcoming African Cup of Nations. Paul Doyle has picked Ivory Coast as the favourites, which naturally means Egypt will win it. Haven't decided on a club yet, which means some furious research in the days ahead. Kanu's already tugged at my heart strings for Nigeria.

Meanwhile, popped in 'MLS' in Twitter and this came out, so I can only assume any news coming out right now isn't worth reading. And then there's darts...I can't talk about it right now.

*I originally wrote Elland Road because I am a moron. See below.


ghostfeed said...

"Of course, after all that, Leeds went and won 1-0 at Elland Road."

Old Trafford, Richard, Leeds won at Old Trafford.

Richard Whittall said...

Whoops! Goes to show what I know. Even more epic then.