Tuesday, December 1, 2009

International Watch Another League Month is Back!

It's December 1st! So I hope you're all enjoying that horrible chalky chocolate sheep from your Advent calendars this morning.

But way more importantly, it's International Watch Another League month! That's right kids, it's back. For the entire month of December, I will shun the Premier League in favour of another league, which is especially hard seeing as I'll be in England all next week singing like a girl for schools that teach people to do things like that.

The problem is I haven't yet decided which league to follow. Any suggestions? I was thinking of the Bundesliga, which is Saturday friendly (Sundays are horrible for me right now). I'm also flirting in a mostly non-sexual way with the idea of watching as much Turkish football as the internet will allow. I some how think the rights holders will be less stringent policing all those Besiktas streams.

Anyway, please send a suggestion if you have a moment. ANYthing is fair game, just so long as I can watch games in December. I'll let you know my pick later today, or tomorrow.

UPDATE: It's the Bundesliga for the win! Entertaining football, grand culture, and plenty of challengers to choose from. More later...


Jeffrey said...

my vote would be bundesliga

rob said...

Bundesliga. I've mostly abandoned the EPL in favor of it this season, and not regretted it at all. I'd try to start with the teams that are the most fun to watch -- Bremen, Schalke, Hamburg, and Hoffenheim come to mind, though I've also got a soft spot for Mönchengladbach, who've got this young midfielder, Marco Reus, who plays with a really entertaining reckless abandon.

Jeff said...

Go for the Turkish league, and watch Galatasaray in particular.

Rambling Canuck said...

The update came in before I could comment, but I would have recommended Dutch Eredivisie. Spectacular stuff. But Bundesliga is amazing as well.

Terry said...

I agree the Bundesliga is the best. Mainly because it gives me a chance to spam my blog
Bwah hah hah!