Monday, November 9, 2009

What is up with French Football?

It seemed that every year you'd hear Paul Doyle on the Football Weekly podcast give his Ligue Un summary with everyone dozing off as he concluded that Lyon were pulling away to win their next inevitable title even though they'd long been jacked out of the Champions League.

That changed last year, with Bordeaux winning the league, and French football has been on a tear since. Lyon and Marseille have been imperious in the CL group stages, and yesterday's Lyon v. Marseille game ended in a thrilling 5-5 draw.

The purists, and they know who they are, will say, look, look at that horrible defending, it's not a proper league yet, you idiot romantic (they'd be right of course, at least three goals came from goalkeeper mistakes, and the rest from poor execution of offside traps leaving mile-wide gaps in the middle). But speaking as a former Setanta subscriber, one who whiled away his bored winter afternoons absorbing whatever le championnat obliged to offer, which was for a time the lowest goals scored average in Europe, this is a huge move forward.


Dongshow said...

Ligue 1 may not be the most offensive but it's very much a proper league. Even when Lyon was running away with things year after year the rest of the league was extremely competitive with teams getting promoted (ie Toulouse) and ending up in the Champions Leauge places only a few years later. There are loads of talented youngsters, and the two big teams (PSG and Marseille) seem to continuously struggle. It's great entertainment if your into it.

Elliott said...

I'm rolling with D-show on this one - I attribute the goals to offensive genius, not defensive misfeasance. And the goalie mistakes, part of the game?


French football is hot to trot young sir! Allez Lyon!!