Sunday, November 22, 2009

What is MLS? Effing Tight

As if you didn't know that already. But Toronto FC fans, with all the recrimination, regret, sorrow and the like, should take heart that Real Salt Lake are in the final. Toronto FC finished the season on 39 points, RSL 40. On the ever important last two fixtures of the season, TFC went out winning at home, then losing away. RSL lost away and then won at home.

Had Toronto FC made the playoffs, it isn't conceivable they wouldn't have been able to recreate RSL's post season record, what with solid home support (although I don't see TFC recreating RSL's win on penalties in Chicago). So tonight, I'm supporting RSL, the team, which as Fake Sigi pointed out awhile back, is the lowest spending club in MLS.

So, yes, watching Toronto FC getting destroyed on their last game away to the worst team in MLS stung. But the loss didn't tell the story of the whole season. Really, it was the late goals, and that is something tangible, a target you can work on. That's a new manager's dream, and good reason why Preki took the job—a playoff round or two at Toronto FC next year will make him a hero. Sure, you're not going to get a world beater with TFC any time soon, but you might get a playoff contender in one or two simple moves.

Look at RSL.

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