Tuesday, November 10, 2009

USL - TOA = Yet Another North American Soccer Acronym

I am a pretentious soccer writer, and a lazy one at that, which means I like my football news monumental and easily digestible.

In Europe, for example, things are easy; Big Four team cheats, post. Club has really stupid, flamboyantly dressed owner, post. Accusations of bungs, massively indebted teams, bouts of hilarity as Old Europe slouches toward American-style marketing techniques (crappyproduct.com@storiedBritishstadium), post, post, post.

In North America, you have to work in about seven acronyms before you've even got to the main story. The TOA has a dispute with USL, so they go whinging off to the USSF for a league of their own that will meet FIFA's standards, even though some clubs are destined for MLS. Oh, and the whole thing could throw the CONCACAF CL qualification set-up out of whack. What does this all mean? The imminent birth of yet another soccer acronym, to pile on top of the NASL, NPSL, the USA, the EPSL, the ESL, the NSL, the CSL, and so on and so on.

And it's no better up here. Right now, the SAAC is in a battle with the CSA over getting recognition for academy players, while the CIS would like a spot at the draft table to get into MLS, whose Canadian entry, TFC, has an academy team in the semi-pro CSL.

And does any of this link up to each other in an intelligible way? Well, remember how I keep quoting Fake Sigi, "there is no North American soccer pyramid?" He's right. North American soccer is one giant Venn diagram, with the disinterested fan square in the middle. He's K. in Kafka's The Castle, literally dying before he can penetrate the inner working of a system beyond his comprehension and control. While all of this organizational shop talk over Nu Rock Holdings and the possibility of an all national Canadian league is interesting for us dead head bloggers, I don't see this advancing the cause of the game in America all that much.

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Jason Davis said...

Maybe we should start one of those online petition things begging them not to have an acronymable name.

I just finished writing a post on the whole situation, and was appalled by the number of acronyms that showed up in the spell check.