Friday, November 6, 2009

Selling Stadium Naming Rights in England? Surely You Jest (Infinitely)?

Most of you, or perhaps some of you, or maybe none of you, considering what sort of literary pedigree you'd have to rock to come by here every day looking for something resembling wisdom or insight, have heard of the late American author David Foster Wallace's thousand page plus tome, Infinite Jest.

I'm not sure what genre you'd classify this novel under, magical realism, realist magic, the college freshman's AmLit Bible, I don't know, but the novel is in some measure supposed to be an over-the-top vision for a corporatized future, where even the years themselves have been allocated for sponsorship money ("Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment").

God how we laughed when we read that. How ridiculously delightful, but we all know there are limits, right?

St. James Park has been a football ground since 1880, and the home of Newcastle United since 1892. It is one of the most recognizable stadiums in England.

SportsDirect was founded by ex-sqaush coach Mike Ashley in the late 1970s. It sells bad brand name trainers at discount prices. God only knows what they'll name Stanford Bridge, but Brian Phillips' suggestion has a great ring to it.

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Mark Chalcraft said...

Presumably, once everyone has jumped on the stadium naming rights bandwagon, they'll be looking for the next corporate oppourtunity.