Friday, November 13, 2009

The Guardian's Canadian Football Page

UPDATE: Never one to miss an opportunity to hustle, I sent this email to Guardian Online Sport editor, Sean Ingle.

Dear Mr. Ingle,

I couldn't help but notice your Canada national page on the Guardian Football site is blank. As you may or may not know, in addition to regularly contributing content to the Football Weekly podcast, free of charge, I am the author of one the most popular and influential soccer blogs in the country. My blogging prowess was in part recognized when I was declared the runner-up in the ill-fated Big Blogger 2008 competition.

So to cut to the chase, here is my offer; I will write a couple of Canada stories to fill that blank page pro bono, and if you and the Guardian on-line community likes what they see, you take me full time on at or slightly below the standard rate.

I will send a CV upon request, and I humbly await your response,

Richard Whittall

Always oversell yourself, kids. I'll update you on the response.


Elliott said...

Not even a picture of Dwayne De Rosario putting up mosquito nets in Africa or De Guzman during his Iberian adventure?

Rob said...

Nice spot. Can't believe they don't even have a single thing - not even a list of Canadian players - on the page.

Justin T Wood said...

Good luck, I hope they respond. From my experience, the Guardian seems to be the go-to source for football abroad in Canada, and I think your writing style would fit in quite well.