Thursday, October 15, 2009

While Soccer's Plastics Sleep

Poring through the results of the closing stages of World Cup qualifying this past week, I'm almost agog at this cauldron of footballing fury, the extreme highs and crushing lows in the fight for the last few places destined for South Africa. And we haven't even reached Sepp Blatter's Official David and Goliath Playoff Round© yet.

All this while the "oh is the World Cup on? I should go launder my polyester Brazil flag before heading down to whatever party'll be going on at College and Ossington" crowd sleeps. Oh, they'll be awake this summer, asking if Ronaldinno, you know, the guy with the horse face, is still taking names at AC Barcelona, but for now they really are missing the best part. If South Africa features games of the likes of Ireland v. Italy, USA v. Honduras, Argentina v. Uruguay or Peru, Russia v. Germany alone you'd get a whole Chapters-Indigo Soccer shelf stacked with World Cup commemorative memoirs, photo spreads, coffee table books.

But for now the average soccer schmoe wouldn't know tickety boo about any of this unless he'd noticed his little brother surfing Soccernet as he walked by to get a juice box from the fridge. "Woah! That announcer must really care about whatever just happened!"

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Fredorrarci said...

Wow, that Honduran, um, commentary? gave me goosebumps. I think I may spend Champions League nights in future writing blog posts about how unfair it is that all this club football keeps interrupting the international season.