Friday, October 30, 2009

Everyone's Hopped Up on Goofballs

...and I like it!

Following my weird and wacky vision for a new kind of MLS, which garnered some suprisingly positive reactions, the Canadian Stretford End is pushing the idea for an interim Canadian Soccer League (no, not that CSL) now that Vancouver and Montreal, the two USL-1 finalists, are homeless.

The fact is, localized Canadian leagues have normally operated without a hell of a lot clubs in the past, so notching one or two extra Canadian entrants would probably be enough to sustain MTL and VAN until they restructure in time for entry into MLS proper. And maybe once those clubs leave, you could merge the survivors into the existing CSL, and make it a better shitty league than the shitty league it is now.

These are all ideas, and crazy ones considering where we've come from, but intriguing nonetheless.


Sam said...

I like goofballs :)

Thanks for the plug

Richard Whittall said...

Hey my pleasure. But you should be aware you may be on Fake Sigi's radar: