Monday, September 14, 2009

Fake Plastic Chairs?

One wonders how it got there.

I mean, you've seen the things before, usually chucked en masse in old, grainy videos from town squares across continental Europe whenever the English national team passed through. But you know where they've been culled from; probably from under the patio table of a nice Dutch family on holiday who vacated mere seconds before to a nearby telephone booth, wondering why they didn't spend a bit more to visit New York instead.

Yet on its side next to Adebayor, sporting the look of a man who may have just come to the realization that he's not in a video game and yes, those are several thousand irate Arsenal supporters a tad displeased with the ex-Gunner's goal celebration, one can't help ponder how the thing got inside the City of Manchester Stadium?

No matter, it's a symbol. A steward is attacked during the same match (and English football culture means the FA is obliged to blame the Togolese striker for it, as if fans are mere chemical reactants). Fourteen fans arrested at the Birmingham Derby, one for alleged assault. All this a mere two weeks after the West Ham v. Millwall nostalgia tour. Less than a year before South Africa 2010, should we be expecting more grainy video of white plastic chairs thrown around in Jo'berg on Youtube?

Hopefully not. As the cliche goes, it's still early in the season. Arrest rates at football matches have been halved since the 'troubles,' and one could argue this sort of thing may be under more intense media scrutiny this year. I personally believe, despite many who will come around to blame the recession/depression for the recent eighties throwback, this is all a bit...artificial. Inauthentic.

Like a white plastic chair at a Premier League ground.

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