Monday, July 6, 2009

The Soccerless Summer

Anyone watching the Gold Cup? Sure you are Canada fans, and you diehard footballistas who can't make it three weeks without something, anything, live and on grass and no hands. And then there's MLS, which for Toronto FC fans hardly gets the pulse racing considering our club is on the road playing in such exciting locales as Salt Lake City and San Jose.

But for us normals, this summer is football free. Sure, there are some last minute chunks of football transfer nonsense that refuses to flush, but who cares when most of the big transfer crap went away with a whoosh as soon as Ronaldo went public with his Real move.

What is Scott Murray whingeing about? Football has stopped, finally, if only for the next month and a half. I watched tennis yesterday. I checked how many games back the Blue Jays have fallen in the AL East. I watched a skit on cricket. Other sports are quietly nestling in the alcove of my brain. While I'm sure they'll be noisily euthanized with the coming of the Premier League in August, it's nice to take a break. So for the next month or so, AMSL will take a fleeting interest in Other Sports. Stay tuned...

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Red Ranter said...

How dare you link to a skit that mocks cricket?! Not cool man. Not cool.

PS: You should watch cricket. I know it's tough convincing a Canadian to do so. But you should. :)

Now that the Ashes are just round the corner. Can't wait for schadenfreude to strike the English.