Thursday, July 30, 2009

Puerto Rico Islanders 1 Toronto FC 0

Figure it out.

On the way to yesterday's first leg of Toronto FC's CONCACAF Champions League qualifier against the Puerto Rico Islanders, I overheard one of the many scumbags* who scalp in and around BMO Field tell a potential seller, "I'll buy your tickets if the price is free. No way I'd pay a cent for these tickets."

I think he knew something we didn't.

Toronto FC did their patented Huff and Puff Show, hurling speculative crosses, celebrating the Running of the Fullback, passing to the man in empty space to hold possession even though that empty man usually ended up being Carl Robinson in the holding role. And while the Islanders got stuck in in a way reminiscent of the big v. small matchups in the FA Cup, they hardly parked the bus in front of goal. Toronto FC should have found a way through. Once again, they couldn't.

I'm noticing things about this team. Vitti still takes three touches too many and doesn't make the key pass obvious even to the weird sweary six year-olds two rows in front of me. De Rosario and Brennan seem to do most of the brain work on the pitch, and Wynne is losing his ability to cut inside. Chad Barrett is a really nice guy. And Carl Robinson is not a good anchor man. If he's the engine of TFC's attack, he's more moped than Maserati at the moment. He gave away possession on key plays more than once. Cronin might be a good try to replace him in the role.

In any case, July is to Toronto FC as March is to Aston Villa. Murder Month. Cummins lip-biting routine on the touchline is getting old. Figure it out please.

*This word replaces a choicer one I'd like to use for these particular people but this is a family fun blog.


Steve said...

Hey I was near the guy who told that scalper that! It was by the green P on Atlantic wasn't it??

It was a horrid showing too, Gerba just stood still 90% of the time, Vitti went missing completely in the second half.

gracie said...
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