Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Other Sports: Part the Second - Cricket

So where do I write in my net income?

Good Lord.

Rob Smyth's Ashes MBM: "What an over from Mitchell Johnson! Four balls in a row were superb and culminated in the big wicket of the captain: the first was a leg-stump yorker to Strauss that should have been given LBW; the second was a bouncer that hit Bopara; the third was a slower ball that Bopara, duped completely, drove just over mid-off; and the fourth was a vicious bouncer that followed Strauss, took the glove and looped gently to Clarke in the slips. That is modern fast bowling of the very highest quality."

WHAT? I remember what an over is (six knuckle balls), and I know LBW stands for Lyndon Baines Wicket or something like that. I think I may even know where Clarke is if he's over in 'the slips,' even though it sounds like some sort of prewar foppish hangout in West London. God, this is hard. Canada won their second Gold Cup round everyone! Let's all watch that instead. Come on, who's with me?


Richard Hill Parks III said...

would you deign to post on the great "American" pass-time, sir?

Fredorrarci said...

Oh, it's pretty simple, really. The batting team does their batting, and at the end of it, you take the mean of the fall-of-wickets, add together the the SRs (remembering to discard the highest and the two lowest) and divide the total by the total of the Econ (factoring in wind-speed, in knots per cubic foot). The number remaining is the target for the other team, who must reach it in a number of overs determined by Dutch auction (I'm not sure about this last part, though).

Then the umpire makes the tea (B R Doctrove serves it with a wonderful lemon slice, apparently), it starts to rain, the umpire shouts "Stumps!" three times while twirling his arm above his head, and the match is declared a draw. And that's cricket.

Word verification (no joke): tedia. A bit harsh, I feel.

Richard Whittall said...

Parks - On its way buddy!

Fred - I thought the overs were determined by a Belgian court so I'm a bit mixed up there I think. But I have it now. Updating wikipedia presently as it's fairly error strewn on many of these points.

Red Ranter said...

Pedantry alert!

It's Rob Smyth's OBO (as in over by over), not MBM. :)

And said "what an over by Mitchell Johnson" happens between 4:51 and 5:40 in the first video on this page.