Monday, June 8, 2009

There's Only One Thing Worse Than Transfer Rumours

And that's discussion over Premier League broadcasting rights. First of all they seem to change hands every two years, meaning I have to go from getting three Saturday fixtures on basic cable to paying thirteen bucks a month to subscribe to a yellow Irish channel in the 400s that will likely have to sell back it's rights to the Premier League 2009-10 season because of massive insolvency.

Second, because I'm in Canada I have to parse through EU competition laws and the current British digital quagmire to try and guess what the biannual legal/digital upheaval will mean for my own English football watching habits. Apparently ESPN is a likely candidate to buy PL rights back off Setanta if they go up shits creek, which means what, the Premier League will end up back in the hands of TSN, ESPN's feeder channel? Or will they cede the rights back to traditional non-digital station carrier Rogers Sportsnet?

Will I have to buy a full electronic body harness equipped with special ESP emitting diodes in order to watch Bolton v. Portsmouth on time delay? Will different stations broker a deal whereby I'll have to switch between six different channels every ten minutes to catch an entire Man United game on a Saturday morning? Will this all involve lasers somehow? And how much will it cost me?


Duane Rollins said...


I pay $15...How'd you get the deal.

(and seriously I'm worried about this. I've kind of gotten use to having all the games on. I can't go back to three a week).

Richard Whittall said...

The deal is I don't pay attention to my bill, ergo, there is no deal. And I'm with you on the lack of total coverage...they have cost the earth but man you could turn it on at any time of day and get a Premier League fixture or at least James Richardson looking awkward on a cheap cardboard set...