Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Should I Get Real?

Yeah, it's a bit nicer than BMO Field, innit?

Real Madrid are coming to Toronto, now with 100% more Kaka. Before checking my email yesterday, I stupidly had it in my naive little head that MLSE's 'loyalty discount' for season ticket holders would be substantial. Although fifteen, twenty bucks off is nice, I'm not sure it makes sense when the ticket in question is going for $130.

Yes, it's Real Madrid, but there is something so...patronizing about how the powers that be are going about this friendly. A regular season Toronto FC game scheduled for August is getting chucked back to June to make way for the fixture, the much-sought after grass is getting laid out for the first time in three years (likely to be stripped away after a few games anyway), and then there are the inflated ticket prices.

Does MLSE not know what this does for Toronto FC's morale as a Canadian expansion team in MLS? Of course Real are one of the world's greatest clubs (4-0, 6-2 drubbings this year aside), but the suits are basically saying to the club, "your regular season games aren't worth a Real Madrid (likely B-team) friendly, your players aren't worth the cost of grass, you're not good enough to demand top dollar for a regular fixture" (not that I have a problem with that).

Anyway, I haven't decided yet whether to get fleeced to watch Real's youngsters duke it out against our oldsters while the bulbs flash all over Madrid's glittering bench. I have until this Monday to decide. Are you going?

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amy said...

who else is going to pay for the temporary grass they're going to install? hah. If I lived close, I would probably go.