Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Football Gods Are Making Sweet Love to Spain

Or as Google Translate wrongly puts it, El Fútbol Dioses están haciendo Sweet Love a España. First of all, even if Javier Mascherano's agent is full of shit, what the hell is Barcelona doing even being rumoured to want him when they have Iniesta, Xavi and Dani Alves? It's like infinity plus one over there; they already have the equivalent of an Arsenal in reserve. Soon it really will be more than a club, it will be two—A side for Wednesdays and B side for the weekends.

Now the Guardian is reporting Real Madrid are mulling a 75 million pound offer for Ronaldo McDonaldo, who will presumably enjoy his time as a Galactico by going halvesies with Kaka on purchasing a small African nation. Couple this with Euro 2008, Barca's dream season, and reports that the Premier League is facing a serious debt crisis (which thus far seems to outweigh La Liga's real estate sponsorship crisis) and Spain suddenly seems on the verge of total dominance.

All's I can say is GolTV is a hell of a lot cheaper to get than the station formerly known as Setanta Sports. And I WOULD pay top dollar if Toronto FC turned out to be the first run out of Madrid's new Portuguese/Brazilian midfield.

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canadiansoccerblog said...

Fair enough Richard, but what about the rest of La Liga? Valencia is in serious trouble as far as I know, and Barca and Real already each rake in something like 15 times the television money of some of the smaller clubs.

I think La Liga is in danger of becoming even less competitive than the Premiership.

Barca and Real are globally popular, but La Liga as a whole? I'm not so sure.