Monday, May 11, 2009

Want TFC's Fan Base to Grow?

Take a friend to a game.

They probably won't like it. The standard of play will be poor, they'll complain about the plastic pitch, the eight dollar cans of beer. They'll wonder how Danny Dichio could possibly be considered a hero when he basically exists to knock down long balls and lay them off for other players in a fifty-fifty gambit that looks more like a sort of mournful liturgy.

They'll get mad at De Rosario when his back heels get picked off by opposing full-backs, and they'll get even madder when Paolo Vitti trips over himself doing his "caricature of a better player" routine. They'll probably like Jim Brennan, though. Most neutrals do; he's Canadian, and this year at least he's running toward the box like a six year old on Christmas morning.

They'll wish TFC scored more goals, and they'll wish Marco Velez was as good as Adrian Serioux, and that Serioux didn't feel the need to have the ball perfectly controlled, stationary at his feet, before making a vital clearance under pressure from three attacking forwards. They'll want Marvel Wynne to have as much of the ball as possible because he runs, and he runs fast, and he crosses accurately.

They'll leave the game and say, "actually, that was pretty fun." And if you're lucky, like I was yesterday, they'll mention in an off-hand way that they watched Toronto FC's away performance against DC United on television, and say how exciting it was, and that they thought you'd told them it was hand-to-ball and not the other way around, but that six goal games in MLS seemed pretty rare. And chances are, if Toronto play well in the next stretch of games, they'll watch them on TV again.


Mr Cyrus said...

Crushingly pretty true. But do Toronto fans really hate on D Ro?

Justin T Wood said...

How has the attendance been? I saw at the montreal game there were lots of empty seats.