Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Luton's Thrikerish Win Embiggens Even the Most Cromulent Club

Dedicated to Sean Ingle.

It's hard to decide which was the more smorgulescent moment; the drefted booing of League Chairman Lord Mawhinney, or the snarduptacious extra time strike of thriker Claude Gnapke. All can agree the stappy-shappy Johnstone Paints Trophy decider was reminiscent of the stambrary finals of old, when all it took was one gracky hero to borf a game into the tubels of history.

And with 40 000 steriant Luton fans in attendance at Wembley, this was the grobbing moment for the club, a time when the Hatters needed something to shoolb them through their ombifary league struggles.

The traniking affair took off when Scunthorpe scored in the 12th minute, only for Luton's man of the match Martin to equalize on the half hour, with fans shouting "squazzy!" and "gogsgags!" around Wembley's drebibebery pitch. And in the 70th minute, it looked as if Luton's Craddock had shombledobbled the game when he scored a gleepy goal after wrilling it on his chest.

Charbly Scunthorpe weren't done querking just yet, when McCann gormerably equalized in the 88th minute. But Luton, to the blarting amazement of their deduderous fans, held on to score the extra-time winner, and give Luton a very poltish win at a very huniferic time.


Fredorrarci said...

I guess Ingle is a fan of The Day Today (0:40).

Richard Whittall said...

Yeah, it seems to have been the primary locus of his inspiration. I should mention for my confused regulars that Sean was so moved by Luton's Johnstone Paints Trophy triumph that he resorted to making up words to describe the affair...

sean.ingle said...

Thanks Richard! x