Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Forget England: Italy v. Ireland is Where it's At

I wrote a rant yesterday cursing the very name of those who would dare call internationals "boring." Have a gander. Also, John Doyle of the Glop and Pail, Canada's nominal newspaper, has written an excellent pregame dealie for Italy v. Ireland in the New Yorker Post-Times. The game itself promises to be a turgid, grinding, result-obsessed tactical affair, so keep your eyes on the touchline which promises to see Trap's head swell slightly before exploding.

Which is way better than watching Voronin getting his shins hacked to bits by Glen Johnson as England grab a 1-1 result.

Also, Shearer at Newcastle is looking less and less like an April Fool's joke by the minute. Mike Ashley will appoint his replica shirt to be manager next.

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Fredorrarci said...

Oh yeah, peer in on our misery, why don't you...

It's a bit strange to say, as Doyle does, that "the Irish fans worship Trapattoni". The feeling towards him is more ambivalent than that (though I think some of the harsher critcism from Dunphy et al has been silly). Doyle's piece on the NYT blog about the decline of the Celtic nations' fortunes was quite odd in places, too.