Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Sutton v. Frei Show

Pfft, Screw This

The rule in NHL playoffs has always been: the team with the best goalie wins. Patrick Roy for the Habs and the Avalanche, Martin Brodeur for New Jersey, and Dominek Hasek for Detroit back when he was among the best in the league—the rule tends to bear out.

Say what you will about twitter, but where else are you going to
get the Mayor's opinion on an MLS game in real time?

In football of course, that rule applies only when speaking of Dino Zoff, but Toronto FC won't be upset with the performances of Stefan Frei in the first half and Greg Sutton in the second during yesterday's game against MLS Champions the Columbus Crew, which TFC drew 1-1. Although the fact both were called on time and time again to make acrobatic saves and diving catches reiterates TFC's defence consists of Jim Brennan and Friends' Family Fun Time Hour.

In other news, USA came back from two goals down to draw El Salvador late in the game, 2-2 during CONCACAF WC qualifiers. (Canada for all interested was long ago eliminated, but Canada manager Dale "Deadwood" Mitchell is GONE, so there is some possible light at the end of that horrible and unending tunnel. Just ignore the sound unmistakably resembling an oncoming train.)

This game was the perfect of example of why it is NOT a good idea to waste time through fake injuries when you're ahead: USA outlasted the Salvadoreans in pace toward the end, scoring two inevitable goals, and had SEVEN minutes of extra time to force an equalizer they were a Jozy Altidore bycycle kick away from. Joy to watch really.

Anyway, say what you will about internationals but yesterday was around the clock football.


Iain said...

I would stick with Sutton. I don't see how you can drop him after the second half performance last night.

Or should we throw a curveball into the equation (get me and my American references)... EDWARDS~?

Richard Whittall said...

I watch Sutton and I have NO IDEA how he is a second string MLS keeper. This guy fills the goal...if he had some proper defenders in front of him, he'd be scouted up the wazoo.