Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Liverpool vs. Madrid: In the Producer's Studio

17' Okay, cut to camera three, Torres goal reaction. Ready camera two. Go camera two. Okay, zoom up on that Spanish granddad, the one who won't likely live to see another Real Madrid European Cup win. Can you get the glistening tears on his face? Good, ready camera four.

28' Go camera three, ready camera four, Gerrard celebration. Ready camera two, the busload of Madrid orphans, can you frame all the six-year olds sobbing there? Camera two, great shot there Alan, excellent stuff. Yeah, zoom in on their dribbling noses, and fade to camera four.

47' Camera one, Gerrard running by the Kop. Ready camera two, Alan, can you find the guy in the Casillas shirt who was on the defibrillator? Good, yeah, get the paramedics in the shot as well. Okay, go to the wailing woman in white renting her, the digital pick-up gives a lot of detail on the sack-cloth and ashes there...great stuff. Ready camera four.

88' Alan, ready camera two. Follow Dossena, follow him, follow him. Okay, cut to camera two. See if you can all the flames in the shot, is there anyone else in the away end self-immolating? Okay, we're going to need back up here, Alan go wide. George ready camera five on that burning Ramos effigy (how did they make it so quickly? Ingenious!). Get that salt in the wound. Good work everyone, great stuff. First round's on me mates.


marsman said...

if you could let my friends on the Beckham blog know that i have posted but they have me in pre moderaton and are ignoring all my posts. I reacted once to a post being removed on football weekly last week and now i cant comment. Theres little point anyway as the one post they did put up wasnt on for like 6 hours later so ive decided to leave the site. Tell my Beckham blogging friends that they can now rejoice in knowing their debates will be marsman free. Thanks, bye.

marsman said...

i didnt say banned, i said they put me in moderation because i wrote ONE post about 2 weeks ago in reaction to having one removed. I have written about 10 posts since and only 1 was put up and that was probably about 10 hours after id sent it. None of the others and none on the latest beckham blog were remotely offensive, none contained swear words and none were abusive yet all have been ignored therefore its a blatant waste of time doing any more.

marsman said...

and i said on the beckham one not the fw one because thats where they asking why im not posting.