Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Winning Against the Run of Play with an OG in the 88th Minute: Check!

This Doesn't Work

Lest this become a Villa blog.

And yet.

Our seasons tend to be lost around this time of year. After a marvelous bit of overperforming in the Fall, the Villa boys usually put away their rocket packs just in time for Christmas, losing in undignified fashion over the break after trying to play the long-ball away from home, then sputtering out in Jan/Feb in order to set up a thrilling push for the UEFA Cup spots in May.

I sat through most of this convinced the pattern was repeating itself; Zat Knight spent the first half hoofing misdirected long-balls to an Agbonlahor hell-bent on practicing his best Thierry HenryTM Look of Indignance.

And then, while sending emails to the Guardian MBM (my version of the Mexican wave), I came back to my livingroom just in time to see Zayate owngoal it horribly, undoing all of Hull's hardwork and cueing pathos-inducing shots of old gramps with weeping child in knit Hull toque.

Not only that, but the game ended in controversy when Steve Bennett blew the whistle for a penalty on a suspected Ashley Young handball, only to consult the linesman and then change his mind.

Yes, Aston Villa are looking like a Top Four side more and more everyday.

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Fredorrarci said...

Bah. The Champions League is so passé, anyway. The Europa League is where it's at, baby!