Saturday, December 13, 2008

Somethin's Happening Here

As everyone now knows (me thanks to Colin), Dwayne de Rosario is coming to play for Toronto FC next year. Suddenly, my rash decision to spend a whack on season tickets in the middle of an economic downturn, and maybe possibly a zombie attack (counterfactuals matter), seems good and holy and true.

My only pause for thought here would be that Toronto FC is starting to bear the symbolic weight of the future of Canadian soccer a little too heavily. Whenever our season ticket renewal rate is posted up on some American site, comments always pour in all saying, and I'm paraphrasing here, "Yeah, Toronto's multicultural and they have lots of sports teams, like the Toronto Blue Budgies and the Toronto Hockey Leaves. So it makes sense. But no more. Toronto is basically downtown Canada so 'one' is the magic number when it comes to sports. Remember the Montreal Expositions! The next franchise should clearly open in Tulsa."

But for now I will take it. The ultimate wet-dream of course would be for all of our wayward sons, including that guy who got the skull fracture in that FA Cup tie, to come home and fill the roster. Hargreaves, the de Guzmans, hell, we could put Stalteri in goal for all I care. Toronto FC would be a Can-Con juggernaut.

But if it came down to that or having more Canadian MLS teams, I would choose the latter. I lived in Montreal for five years and these people love football. I know it's kaiboshed for now, but remember when Dwayne said he would never play here so long as we had an astroturf pitch? Dream, dream dream dream.

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ursus arctos said...

Not Stalteri.

Lenarduzzi, Carl Valentine, Jack Brand, anyone but Stalteri.