Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's Napoli

Denis in the Dressing Room

From one point of view, there is nothing to like about Napoli. There's a je ne sais quoi about Levezzi's face -- after every whingey foul, I want to strike him repeatedly with my shoe. Furthermore, the resemblance between German striker Denis and Dolph Lundgren is too disturbing to overlook, and if Hamsik had any more teeth he'd be digging for carrots on the touchline.

And yet they have pace, they look fancy in front of goal, and they create a hell of a lot of chances and do so with economic precision. And I found myself, bizarrely, more attracted to the end of a 3-0 match with little or no inclination to cheat and switch over to El Mega Super Top Clasico on GolTV. They are of course the once great side of the eighties, winning scudettos with the help of unsung, work-a-day striker Diego Maradona. They have come roaring back into Serie A, and look to have serious ambitions for a Champions League berth. They also hail from an area of the country that is notorious for corruption, crumbling infrastructure, and high crime rates. Sound familiar?

So there you have it: I've made my choice.

On another note, this one for Canadian soccer fans: I'm very heartened by the huge web response to De Rosario playing for TFC next year, but does anyone else feel we might be setting ourselves up for a Barack Obama-sized disappointment come April? Does anyone really trust either Chairman Mo or Little John to build a tactically-sound team around His Nibs, even with our blessed allocation money left over?

Moving on, does anyone else think the perpetual circle-jerk with regard to CSA restructuring, both on blogs and in the trad media, is getting very old, very quickly? Does anyone else find if you scratch the surface a bit of the "it's not funding, it's incompetence" crowd, you find a bunch of small government conservatives with their own axe to grind? And is anyone else annoyed that Canadian soccer journalists who've been in the game forever have done a terrible job in educating new TFC fans on just what the shit is wrong with the Canadian national set-up, and what we can all do to help fix it?

*exasperated sigh*


Brian said...

I felt the same way during the Napoli-Lecce game yesterday. The buildup to the final goal was incredible, even though the match was long since decided. Best wishes for your new team. (And why isn't there a line of greeting cards to that effect?)

Fredorrarci said...

(And why isn't there a line of greeting cards to that effect?)

Because you don't pick your team; if you're a REAL fan, it's given to you when its crest gets tattooed onto your very SOUL before you're even BORN, of course.

Colin Smith said...

RE: De Rosario hype.

Yes, TFC fans are, to use a phrase from a recent SNL short film, jizzing in their pants at the thought of seeing De Rosario at BMO Field next season and I think for the most part that the hype surrounding this signing is real. He is the biggest player to pull on a TFC jersey yet, without a doubt. The only player on the team to have won an MLS Cup. Not only is he a quick midfielder with snazzy braids, he will bring a heap of (MLS) experience to the dressing room that has been lacking.

How it looks come April: It all depends on how Mo uses his first-round draft picks (3) to acquire a: A fucking amazing centre fullback. Chicago's Bakary Soumare for instance. b: a quality left-winger c: a better goalkeeper.

Richard Whittall said...

Ahh, but you see Fred, this is North America -- teams are bought and sold much like you see on those commodities trading floors.

Colin...I think between Rosario and April will tell the story of the current regime. De Ro is historic yes, but we need a team.

Fredorrarci said...

Pah! I suppose you call it "sawkerball" as well, do you? Unless you can see the stadium from your home, unless you went to your first game when you were still in the womb and can still remember every detail, unless you were born within twenty yards of the now-demolished temperance society hall in which your club was founded, you're nothing but a bandwagon-jumper, et cetera and so forth.

Richard Whittall said...

What if I told you I followed Villa because, in the words of Tom Hanks, "it sounds like a nice spa or something'?

Would you beat me with a severed arm?

Fredorrarci said...

Oh, go and play curling or...or...moose racing or whatever you people do over there...

Colin Smith said...

You don't play curling. You curl. It's a verb.

And we take it bloody seriously.

In Canada curling has been known to regularly bump Champions League matches from our national sports broadcaster...

Also, moose racing is called moosing.

ursus arctos said...

Richard, you should celebrate your new allegiance with the latest Neapolitan craze.

The caffe Levezzi:

Not sure that I would drink something that colour, but the concept is well executed.

Richard Whittall said...

Ursus, that photo reminds me of the fluoride rinse I had to bite down on when I was a boy in the dentist's office.


But still, coffee is coffee.