Friday, December 5, 2008

Big Blogger Update

I will quote Sean Ingle here: "It was a toss up, in truth, between villasupportgroup and Tomsk. But taking their pieces from last week into consideration, the nod goes — just — to Tomsk."

So there you have it. Moral victory. Noble failure. Woolwich Arsenal. I hope, like Tele Santana's 1982 Brazil, I went out in style, but you can judge for yourself.

Thanks again to all of you who voted last week -- I would not have come so agonizingly close to negotiating fees with Sean Ingle on my cell phone without you.


Steve said...

Not sure you chose that topic because I suggested it but I feel bad that you lost with a subject that I somewhat chose, I liked the article if that matters at all.

Fredorrarci said...

Hard luck, Richard: your final article was your best yet, excellent stuff. A bit of advice from another who just failed to win a writing contest: don't get blind drunk and get a tattoo of a frowny face on your bicep.