Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shameless Self-Promotion

Il Divo a la Canadiense

I have to miss the Aston Villa Manchester United game, which I am almost one thousand percent sure will be a drubbing, a Brummy massacre.

In any case, I will be doing so to rehearse with this group. If you are an AMSL reader and will be in the Toronto area (massive that) on November 29th, please attend and feel free to throw things at me for attempting to sully the music of Benjamin Britten.

In the meantime, please feel free to fill the comments section with match preamble, minute-by-minute commentary, and post match analysis, as that will be way more fun to read than whatever is on offer on my RSS Feed to be quite frank.


Fredorrarci said...

All the best with Saint Blaise. May you have some of the success of Il Divo without any of their unlistenability.

As for the game, I only saw the second half. The Guardian MBM said that the first half was disappointing, not because of a lack of quality, but because the defences were very much on top. Which was exactly what the second half was like, too. Villa put some pressure on United early in the second and I was looking forward to something big happening to ignite the match (so to speak) Shows you what I know. Villa soon retreated into defensive mode, though United didn't really break them down too much.

Perhaps if the game had the same mic-distortingly excitable Arabic language commentator on the feed I was watching of Inter-Juve, it would have seemed better. At least Martin O'Neill is still behaving like a giddy puppy on the sideline, which is always fun to watch.

Brian said...

Well, I'll tell you. Tactically I thought it all came down to both teams' ability to keep the other side from finding the back of the net. Judging from the scoresheet alone, the defending from both clubs was bang on form. Emotionally, Villa may feel they deserved to take all the points, but Martin O'Neill's men should be thrilled to have gotten a hard-fought result against the European champions, especially on a day when Arsenal struggled against Man City. Going forward, I expect Alex Ferguson to hrmmmmf hmmmmmnf grrrrrf krdfhjk asdkfhkj.

Richard Whittall said...

Thanks both for that. I'm not quite sure what to make of the Villa this season round. We've been a bit thuggish in the midfield, and while I haven't even seen a hint of even a highlight reel since the result, I can imagine the Villa technique on offer -- aggression. I felt we took as many risks as we were able to against Arsenal, but keeping Man U off the score sheet, that's different. They don't dilly dally in front of goal, and what's more, they're our bogey side.

On this point, if we can get a point or more at Old Trafford, than I will believe. But as the future missus said to me knowingly this morning, Villa always does this...gets your hopes up in November, only to remind you of the pitfalls of a minuscule squad in January...

Postreader1 said...

This should be a great concert. I am looking forward to it. Break a leg.