Saturday, November 15, 2008

Arsenal 0 Aston Villa 2 -- Live Match Report!

90 + 4 Tottenham are still in the relegation zone. The lights are going out all over North London and we won't see them again in our lifetime. Birmingham is suddenly ghetto fabulous.

I think I have a bit of an Ag-boner...

Is it? It is! Peter Wi -- sorry, Gael Clichy!

+ 1 Just put in the net FFS!

Randy Lerner looks more and more like a ghost every day. In England, pants are underwear!


Fredorrarci said...

Flukey goals. Can't actually see the game, like, but I bet they were flukey.

There's no feed for the game, and I miss the erudite amiablity of its chat window, so I'll make up for it here:

i herd john carews got nob rot frm dat slappr an his nob fell off hahahahaha

i *** william mcgregors nan an she wuz ***

ronaldo jus beat 8 dfndrs + scored from 30 yrds!!!! seriosly!!!!

[this message has been purged]

lnk 4 manu plz???

and so on.

ursus arctos said...

Hearty congratulations, Richard.
You deserved that.

And *applause* for fredorrarci (those his version is much more entertaining than the original).

Richard Whittall said...

Man, you should do a live match report written in justin tv-galese, you have it down (very disturbingly) to a tee.

And ursus, I haven't felt this good since we nailed Chelsea 0-2 and saw the back of Mourinho a week later. We've got Wenger's number now, although Riley is going to get the Gallic hairdryer for not giving that free kick.