Sunday, October 19, 2008

To Zaki

Yes, Liverpool came back. Yes, Valencia's two yellows were not exactly Rob Styles territory in terms of refereeing. But Wigan let everyone know Anfield is no fortress.

But a word or two for Zaki. First of all, the goals. Magic. Second of all, the positioning. How often have we seen a normally composed defender bauble a pass from the keeper? Yet few other strikers would have pounced on it with such authority, or finish with such good graces.

I knew a Zaki, in my first year of university. He was my roomate for a time, a Pakistani national on his way to completing a degree in management after an ill-advised turn in engineering. We would walk home together, and he would always suggest the fastest route. "Take the hypoteneuse," he'd say, usually when presented with a park or a parking lot.

Here's to Zaki, willing to take the hypotenuse to goal while others rely on the killer pass or the pin-point cross.


pdkamath said...

Golden goals are remembered for ever

Colin Smith said...

I've had him on my fantasy team for the past four weeks... I think I'll be holding on to him for a while.
I don't understand the comment you left on my last post... That event was on Thursday. Did you go?
Did you watch the TFC game yesterday? You can read my live blog on the National Post Web site.
I'm no Scott Murray... Still trying to figure out the best format, and of course the season's over now.

Richard Whittall said...

Yeah...for some reason I thought it was this Thursday, then I checked your post again.

I saw the TFC highlights -- I had to miss the game to sing with Dame Emma Kirkby. Oh this horrible life I lead.

Anyways, your Minute by minute sums it up very well. I've flirted with doing an MBM -- my efforts with Zenit v. Real went down well with one James Richardson, so that was enough inspiration for me!

Brian said...

Amen on Zaki. He's maybe the only force on Earth that could make me actually watch Wigan games. That's how good he's been.