Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Steven Gerrard: Liverpool can't keep pulling off last-gasp victories -- Daily Mirror Headline

Err, yes they can Stevie.

Show me a chunk of silverware you've won in the past five years that hasn't come from a mad-dash, hope against all hope effort coming in the second half? This is less a defensive predicament then a tactical stroke of genius (if you give Benitez the benefit of the doubt, which I don't) -- and where better to come back from two goals down then at Anfield?

I would have more confidence in Liverpool winning the Premier League by playing perpetual catch-up than by trying to win every game rampaging forward like Chelsea on steroids (bit of a redundant simile, that).

Plus it's more entertaining. I know Liverpool's a Big Four club, but lest we forget, Blackburn's hoisted that crowned Premiership trophy/eyesore and they haven't. If you squint really hard, you might just see them guys in red as honest-to-god underdogs.

Don't bite the hand that feeds you Mr. Gerrard. After repeatedly rejecting Chelsea's lecherous advances, you've made your bed. We'll see you soon, venerating your away fans after scoring a thirty-yard last gasp screamer at a stadium near you.

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Fredorrarci said...

...rampaging forward like Chelsea on steroids (bit of a redundant simile, that).

Just promise me you'll steer clear of sushi bars for a while, Richard.