Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Parable

A Reading from the Blog of A More Splendid Life, Post 133.

1. After he had eaten the lunch that he had prepared there, Richard said to them, "Yea verily I say unto you, the US Presidential election is like a football match between a widely-supported underdog and a once-mighty but now-struggling Big Four side. 2. It is in the eightieth minute, and the underdog leadeth by two goals to nil. 3. The assistant coach therefore said to his manager, 'Master, let us substitute a defensive midfielder for a striker, and play offense in order to further secure our lead.' 4. But the manager, sensing deceit in his assistant coach's heart, said, 'Verily, verily I say unto you, it is better to defend your lead by holding possession than by attacking and risk leaving an opening that can be exploited.'

5. The assistant coach, disheartened by his manager's words, said unto him, 'Master, since our second goal was scored by a former player from the Big Four club, a commanding midfield general, would it not be wise to humiliate them further with a third?' 6. The manager said unto him, 'No, for although our opponent is wounded, he is dangerous when angry. It is best to hold possession and let the clock runneth over.' 7. And lo, the manager substituted a striker for a defender, and the clock runneth over, and the Big Four side did not manage to score any more goals.

Here Endeth the Lesson.


Jamie said...

Whew. The underdog still won (or is it woneth?). That is a relief.

I was worried for a moment that the underdog would score three own-goals in injury time.

Richard Whittall said...

As is everyone else it seems!