Saturday, October 4, 2008

Joe Kinnear's Swears Make Baby Jesus Cry

After sitting through hours of sterile political debate, both Vice Presidentialist and the Maple Syrup variety, it's nice to hear someone willingly spout expletives at the national media. Wouldn't this be much, much more elucidating?

Biden: Well, Sarah, I respect and admire John McCain for his service to America, but he's kind of acting like a douchebag to the American middle class.

Palin: For fuck's sake Joe, he's running for president don't ya know, and these folks on Main Street, they work so goddamn hard.

Or, for the Canadians out there:

Harper: Mr. Dion, you totally lost your shit in the middle of national election.

Dion: Mr. Harper, stop telling Canadians these fucking lies about my Green Plan!

Or perhaps not, actually. How amazing was Ledbitter's goal today?


Brian said...

This is actually very close to my fantasy of what debates are like in the Australian parliament.

Richard Whittall said...

Canadian Parliament has its own record of swears in the house as well...plenty of good stuff, Mulroney most of all.