Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why I Don't Even Bother Watching Toronto FC Anymore

Last night, Toronto FC coughed up yet another road game, another predictable mess, another exhibition of poor positioning and amateur on-field decision making, another embarrassing debacle for Canada's lone MLS club.

How long O Lord?

I can't even watch five minutes of TFC on tv anymore, and my home game visits are turning into predictable dirges. The problem may not have as much to do with Toronto FC as with the league structure itself. One of the reasons Toronto's midfield plays like a bunch of sticks and our defense seems bemused when through-balls whiz by as they lollygag out of position, is because the teams has nothing to lose by playing like shit; we're still gonna be in this two-bit league next year, so what's the point of raising your game when you're going to get the same pay-cheque at the end of the day? Let's face it; for many of these guys, TFC is the end of line, and the chopping block doesn't seem so bad when you're in your mid-thirties running around on a plastic pitch in a plastic city.

So, for that reason, would it be so hard to just drop the franchise system and the salary cap, have individual owners come forward, scrap the conferences and have a single league table and introduce a relegation system complete with financial repercussions, say, between MLS and USL? Then suddenly MLS looks like a real live football league instead of some sort of summer-long Official McDonald's Soccer Game Exhibition. One home game, and one away with every other club, three points win, one draw, last three spots: relegated. Bam. I've solved all of our problems. Perhaps then we still wouldn't be talking about John 'Deadweight' Carver and the magical mystery DP spot.


Colin Smith said...

I can't believe I wasted 90 minutes of my life watching that match. At least I was at a pub and had a good meal in front of me ... It was probably one of the worst games of soccer I have ever seen. What a load of complete and utter crap. When I saw John Carver getting kicked out I figured he had had enough of that garbage and was going back to the hotel to get stuck into the mini-bar.
Why can't a professional soccer player (Tyrone Marshall I'm speaking to you) make a decent pass over 6 yards? Why can't an 'all star' (Amado Guevara I'm speaking to you) learn how to bloody tackle?
But, it was being played on the outfield of a baseball diamond. What should we expect?

Rick K Restrepo said...

Wow man you got to learn more about the league why there are salary caps, and how USL is a complete different league than MLS. It seems that you are just bitter that TFC is not a great football club even after two seasons. It takes time man, not every team can be Manchester United some may be like Hull City. How long did you think it took Hull to reach premier league, almost a hundred years. Hopefully TFC won't take that long man. This is North America, and its great to differentiate from other leagues around the world. Actually truth be told we are the first to have a playoff system man heck the second league in england has a playoff system. Have some patience and soon you will see a better product on the field in the coming years. Like the Pittsburg Penguins who last won a Stanley Cup in 1992 had to rebuild and took them more than 15 years to be in the Stanley Cup finals. If NHL had regelation, Pittsburg would be in league three in 2006.

I will say one thing man, a true fan will always cheer for their team and will critique their teams. TFC till I die hopefully you may remain a fan.

Not hating on you just critiquing your blog