Thursday, September 25, 2008

Of Debates, Bailout Deals, and World Cup 1998

Not to get too political (my Obama post almost got called out at a family get together this week), but does anyone remember when Ronaldo 'got sick' in the lead up to the final at France 98, and then 'miraculously' appeared at the last minute only to get utterly trounced by Aime Jacquet's superbly organized French youngsters, 3-0 in the final?

Some called it a stunt, an attempt to break the concentration of a well-prepared, young and formidable French team in the lead up to the decisive match. Others say that Ronaldo reported ill to Zagallo 'in good faith,' that it was a simple case of food poisoning.

It's one of football's wonderful mystery moments. Somehow, Jacquet's words on the development seem appropriate for the moment: "Quelle motivation!"


Steve said...

That whole WC98 thing still puzzles me, Brazil looked so out of sorts that day it was, very very weird.

Colin Smith said...

Thought you'd appreciate this quote from Jon Stewart in the new Entertainment Weekly regarding the U.S. election (what else?):
"The press is 6-year-olds playing soccer; nobody has a position, it's just 'Where's the ball? Where's the ball? Sarah Palin has the ball!'"

Sidenote: Stewart was a decent footballer in his college days.

Also: Thanks for posting that video. Oh France, how the mighty have fallen.